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Interior Design Trends for Goa in 2023

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

Top 10 Interior Design Trends for Goa in 2023 for Your Risara Home

It’s 2023, and we can’t keep calm. Just take a look at some the trends that are set to rule the aesthetics of interior design, and you’ll know why. Exciting, buzzing while still being cognisant of wellness, this year is all about taking design a notch up. So here are the top 10 interior design trends for Goa in 2023:

1. Viva Magenta!

Say hello to the colour of the year - Viva Magenta. Described by Pantone as "a brave and fearless red shade that vibrates with vim and vigour,” it is an unabashedly bold stroke when it comes to interiors. Imagine the shade in a tropical flora fauna-ish wallpaper, or a luxe velvet accent chair. Maybe even as simple as a bright vibrant accent wall! This colour is very now, and it exudes personality.

2. Nature Inspired Wall Colours

On the one hand, think rustic earthen shades like burnt reds and terracotta. On the other, inspirations from life around us. Like a rich leaf-like chive green or a soothing sea-rock coral. Interior designers have always looked to nature to draw inspiration. And this trend is going nowhere. Think contemporary , think of getting a bit of the outdoors inside, but make it trendy!

3. Flexible Spaces

Work from home, work from office, work from the beach or from your cozy nook. This is the new normal, which is why design ideas prioritise flexibility. And flexibility, at core uses multi-purpose furniture. Ones that can be stacked, extended, folded down, realigned as per the need. It’s also fun to think outside of a room’s designated function. Who says a dining room can’t also double up as a playroom? Think modular, try to plug and play.

4. Mindful Spaces

Mindfulness is being aware of our thoughts, feelings and surroundings, something Goa has always believed in. When this philosophy marries the world of interior design, the result is magic. Elemental natural resources like plants, abundant light and access to breeze take precedence. It’s also important to think of storage solutions that reduce clutter, creating a sense of openness. Add to it organic decor like quartzes, or just a bowl of potpourri, and your senses will thank you every day.

5. A Touch of Stone

No, we’re not just talking flooring or kitchen countertops and islands. Handcrafted ceramics, terracotta installations, an elaborate clay vase or planters. Stone has an inherent quality of adding a sense of zen to everyday life. It has been a hot design trend lately, but who says it can’t be functional too? Integrating stoneware in cutlery, be it dinnerware and serving trays or fun things like cups and mugs, could radically enhance your mood.

6. Pre Loved Furniture

Interior designers have long rallied for classic vintage furniture. But in the past few years, they have exceedingly used up-cycled furniture from any era. Buying preloved is not an environmentally conscious choice, it also adds a different kind of character to your space. Plus, there’s the look of slightly worn-out wood that remains unmatched. And honestly, would you rather have something out of a catalogue or a piece that is unique, one of a kind and holds within it a saga to be retold?

7. Mixing Metals

Finally, the world is ready to put to rest - gold finishes, every where. Today, leading interior decorators in Goa choose to mix it up. There’s the allure of silver, the old world charm of bronze, a farmhouse cottage feel with copper, and of course, there’s always the chic and classic gold. Mixing metal finishes on doorknobs, hinges, ceiling fixtures and hooks, can make for a beautiful contrast that plays out in symphony. It’s contemporary, it’s eclectic and yet, it looks timeless.

8. Asymmetry!

R.I.P, perfect uniformity, we won’t be missing you though. Design studios have embraced the slightly whimsical. Different themes in different rooms, non matching furniture sets, non linear designs, or using pieces in new, fun and unusual ways. Asymmetrical looking spaces are in, and how. Pro-tip: It could help you reuse all your old furniture, if you’re moving into a new home. Because with an asymmetrical approach, you can mix and match anything anywhere. As long as you fill the gaps with some smart choices.

9. Focus on Community: one of the best interior design trends for Goa in 2023!

We have shared experiences of being cut off from our friends and family for almost two years. But that has only strengthened our affinity for togetherness. Design trends in 2023 focus on gatherings and get togethers, both in and out of home. Let’s go back to the elaborate dining tables with the plush chairs. Let’s reimagine our backyards with a barbecue pit or a little picnic corner. Hosting, now holds more meaning than ever before. And the trends surely reflect the sentiment.

10. Lastly, a strong personal style certainly helps with interior design trends for Goa in 2023

Lastly, do not forget to make your own version of 2023. Interior design is as much personal as it is about trends, so go ahead and you do you. Love sticking to the whites and nudes? Go for it. More of a no-plant person? That’s cool! Does decor mean smart gadgets and appliances? Have at it! No matter what trend has piqued your fancy, make sure it embraces your signature aesthetic and not the other way around! For a list of interior designers in Goa, check out this article.

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