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5 Reasons to Invest in Premium Real Estate in Panjim Goa

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

Think peace, elegance, luxury — investing in Goa can offer you all this, and more.

It is common knowledge by now that Goa has seen a boom over the last few years,and that luxury properties in the smallest state of India are selling like hot cakes.

So why is it that investing in a luxury property in Goa is inviting so much interest from all over the world? Here are our top reasons to invest in premium real estate in Panjim Goa.

"Broadly, we have been serving happiness since 2003 — that is the idea behind Risara," our promoter, Gaurang Sinai Suctancar talks about all that we, at Risara Properties, stand for.

"We also stand for quality backed by attention to detail and promise of safety. Most of our features are safety features in our projects, and continuous service to our customers - we also do provide lifetime warranties in terms of our work."

The Magical Location: First among the Top Reasons to Invest in Premium Real Estate in Panjim Goa

The serene charms of the tropical paradise of Goa have piqued the curiosity of home-buyers for a long time. A place where quality of life goes hand-in-hand with a great standard of living.

Panjim Goa, the headquarters of the North Goa district, is a teeming blend of the historical and modern, with its Portuguese-influenced architecture, green garden spaces, beaches, choice of world-class restaurants and urban conveniences.

The city is a hub of culture and history, with something to offer for people of all ages. For heritage buffs, there’s the Church of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception, the Old Goa churches nearby and museums. For those who enjoy sweeping views, the posh neighbourhood of Dona Paula, Taleigao and Caranzalem offer stunning views of the sea and the city scape.

Shopaholics can pick from one of its vibrant markets. Between the Panjim Market to the smaller marketplaces, you’ll find everything from fresh produce to handmade crafts. If you're looking to relax, hop on over to Miramar Beach. Or, you can take a boat ride along the Mandovi River and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Overall, Panjim is a great place to live for anyone looking to experience a cosmopolitan lifestyle that is also more laidback than the other urban centres in India.

More reasons to invest in premium real estate in Panjim Goa post Pandemic

Since the pandemic, there's been a substantial uptick in real estate demand and prices in Goa. Whether it's 2 BHK apartments, 3 BHK flats, villas, or independent homes, the state has traditionally been seen as one of the most desirable property hotspots in India for NRIs and customers looking to buy a second home.

As more and more people are keen on healthier living, and many can work remotely from anywhere, thousands have moved to Goa to embrace the slower life outside of metropolitan cities.

And it’s not surprising, given all the benefits. The first is how easy it is to reach. With widespread flight connectivity, Goa is easily accessible from other parts of the country and major cities abroad. This makes it perfect, whether you're looking to work, take a vacation or to retire.

Speaking of retiring comfortably, Goa has well-developed infrastructure, with excellent bridges, a new airport, modern hospitals and schools.

With booming sectors such as tourism, pharma, and a pro-start-up culture contributing to its growth, there are tons of opportunities for real estate development and investment. One could well say that Panjim, with its balance of work and leisure opportunities, is the best place to buy property in Goa.

Ensure a Better Financial Future: A Good Reason to Invest in Premium Real Estate in Panjim Goa

Whether you’re on the hunt for a vacation home overlooking the water, or a property to diversify your investment portfolio, Goa has something to offer everyone for every budget.

Thanks to the range in property prices, everyone from young families to high net individuals are turning their sights towards the tropical state.

And with the yearly boom of tourists and beachgoers, you can expect excellent returns if you want to rent out the property as well.

If owning a home seems like a long-term commitment right now, renting can be a sustainable option without compromising on the lifestyle you aspire to.

Renting also gives you a bit more leg room to try out different areas without the financial commitment of buying a property. It can be a good way to do a dry run, to figure out if you really want to stay in Goa for the long-term.

The benefits of renting also mean that maintaining the property is not your sole headache. Management companies and caretakers can help out here, which can be a boon for those traveling frequently or busier folks who may not have time to get these done on their own.

Remember to do your research if you’re looking to buy a plot, because there are certain restrictions on land ownership for non-residents in Goa. This also makes another case for renting if you find you're not able to buy a piece of land.

At Risara, our in-depth knowledge on the local real estate market and help you map out potential challenges you may face. Talk to us and discover more reasons to invest in premium real estate in panjim Goa.

Top-class Amenities

In addition to providing financial opportunities, investing in premium real estate in Panjim also offers a range of lifestyle benefits.

Premium properties such as Risara's Southern Creek Residences come with a swimming pool, on-site gym or fitness center and kids play areas.

Security is one of the key concerns for property owners and renters, especially in more open-area homes. Luckily, state-of-the-art security features at Risara’s properties including access cards to lobbies, video phones and CCTV coverage ensures you and your loved ones are taken care of around the clock.

There is also more space than in other urban centres and so, dedicated parking spaces for residents or even visitors, are available, if you have guests over often. Designer landscaped gardens and views add to the prestige of owning a premium property.

If your focus is on community living, buying a two or three bedroom apartment in a modern society enables you to socialise and participate in a range of activities.

Rental Values Hike

In the past year, the rental rates, especially for luxury homes has skyrocketed in Goa, and is poised to grow even further.

In fact, reports show that thanks to its high rental yields of 4 - 10%, North Goa is one of the most preferred destinations for second home buyers.

And that’s not all. With MOPA airport now open, the north side of Goa is expected to witness a surge in property by 27 to 30%.

With all these developments underway, there’s no better time than now to get the best bang for your buck– whether you are looking at properties to invest in Goa or even if you’re just looking to rent out your property.

Did we mention that Risara is registered with RERA? Leave your investment search in Risara's hands, one of the top 10 real estate companies in Goa and let our experts guide you about where to invest in Goa and how to buy property in Goa.

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