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Why invest in Real Estate in Goa

Goa is a hugely enchanting tourist destination in India bringing large investments to the state. It is well connected to other cities in India through rail, road, air and sea routes. Goa enjoys the status of having the highest per capita income in the country with a growing economy supported by service and manufacturing industries.

The government of Goa plans to attract 6 million tourists in the next 5 years from 2.6 million currently through improved tourism infrastructure and entertainment facilities. The real estate market in Goa is sure to thrive on expected booming the hospitality and tourism business in India as it is going to retain its positioning.

The booming real estate in Goa is becoming a prime area worth parking big money for investors. The positive aspect of Goa real estate is that there is something for everyone, suited to different budgets. Goa is also fast emerging as a prime destination for buyers looking at a second home and for those looking at long-term investments in real estate.

Non Resident Indians (NRIs) can make real estate investments in India freely without any cap on the quantity or the number of investments. As foreign nationals they can own property in India but sell property only after three years from the date of acquisition for the property or from the date of payment of the final installment of the consideration for its acquisition. It is hard to think of a better way to take advantage of the appreciated dollar.

Supply is lower than demand in Goa due to the following factors: